Bring to life the art from your mind and soul

Audio editing

Vocal and instrument compilation, combining the best takes into one perfect master take.

Audio repair and editing, reduction of clicks, pops and noises in recordings to reasonable expectation.

Vocal tuning with melodyne/auto tune and percussion timing adjustments.

*edits, audio repair and timing adjustments are dependent on the severity of any errors and may be turned down, please get in touch for a free consultation*

$30 NZD per an Hour or negotiated for larger projects.

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Consultation through the whole recording and mixing/mastering process.

By negotiation: the addition of compositional elements to your music such as:


  • Acoustic or electronic  guitar

  • Ambient sound design and synthesis

  • Original samples

*due to the open ended nature of this service please get in touch with details of your project for estimated costs*

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Get balanced, professional mixes of your songs that translate to most sound systems.

Creatively enhance music and audio that makes your sound the best it can be.

Free multiple format  delivery HQ .lossless wav , Mp3 or any other format.

Free revision to make sure that your vision is met.

One free demo mix to see if our style and work flow fit. 

$200 NZD -  flat rate

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Dolls sing no shame - Stoiks
Milford Sound - Mantra
Wheel of Time - Serpent Dream
Acid in the Street - James Costin
Street trash - Nadia Drof
Wheel of Time - Serpent Dream
Mertazapine - Nadia Drof
Teeth sink in - James Costin

Hi, I'm James, an audio engineer.
I started out as a musician wanting to make my own records.
The decision to study led to me obtaining an Advanced Diploma of Sound Production, which has given me a solid foundation of knowledge and practice to be able to create professional-level audio.
Since my graduation in 2016, I have been working with a host of artists locally and remotely in many different genres including ambient, electro-acoustic, trip-hop, death metal, and many forms of rock and electronic music.
My work involves not just mixing tracks to the utmost quality but also working closely with artists and helping to develop their ideas. I love translating these ideas into reality through writing and performing both arrangements and new parts, to bring the best out of any song.
Should you require services such as general editing like vocal comping, auto tune/melodyne, drum editing, mixing or producing, even a mix of all of the above, I would love to hear from you.
Please contact me to discuss budgets and rates. I understand that every project is different and budgets can be limited, and therefore believe in a degree of flexibility when it comes to bringing your ideas to fruition.
If you would like to hear my work, you can listen to my portfolio or contact me for further examples.
Let’s make awesome music.